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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Afghanistan [FIX]
Afghanistan [MOB] 0.1588
Albania [FIX] 0.0347
Albania [MOB] 0.1830
Algeria [FIX] 0.0452
Algeria [MOB] 0.1022
American Samoa [FIX] 0.0424
American Samoa [MOB] 0.0351
Andorra [FIX] 0.0162
Andorra [MOB] 0.1522
Angola [FIX] 0.0881
Angola [MOB] 0.1027
Anguilla [FIX] 0.0739
Anguilla [MOB] 0.1324
Antarctica [FIX] 0.4593
Antigua and Barbuda [FIX] 0.0733
Antigua and Barbuda [MOB] 0.0801
Argentina [FIX] 0.0091
Argentina [MOB] 0.0346
Armenia [FIX] 0.0514
Armenia [MOB] 0.1178
Aruba [FIX] 0.0685
Aruba [MOB] 0.1319
Ascension Islands [FIX] 0.4199
Australia [FIX] 0.0095
Australia [MOB] 0.0483
Austria [FIX] 0.0130
Austria [MOB] 0.0716
Azerbaijan [FIX] 0.0709
Azerbaijan [MOB] 0.1120
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Bahamas [FIX]
Bahamas [MOB] 0.0209
Bahrain [FIX] 0.0164
Bahrain [MOB] 0.0366
Bangladesh [FIX] 0.0361
Bangladesh [MOB] 0.0330
Barbados [FIX] 0.0687
Barbados [MOB] 0.1423
Belarus [FIX] 0.1568
Belarus [MOB] 0.1709
Belgium [FIX] 0.0104
Belgium [MOB] 0.1088
Belize [FIX] 0.1527
Belize [MOB] 0.1572
Benin [FIX] 0.1208
Benin [MOB] 0.1158
Bermuda [FIX] 0.0296
Bermuda [MOB] 0.0309
Bhutan [FIX] 0.0813
Bhutan [MOB] 0.0929
Bolivia [FIX] 0.0508
Bolivia [MOB] 0.0985
Bosnia-Herzegovina [FIX] 0.0801
Bosnia-Herzegovina [MOB] 0.1753
Botswana [FIX] 0.0637
Botswana [MOB] 0.1349
Brazil [FIX] 0.0150
Brazil [MOB] 0.0945
British Indian Ocean Territory [FIX] 0.4946
British Virgin Islands [FIX] 0.0881
British Virgin Islands [MOB] 0.1167
Brunei Darussalam [FIX] 0.0143
Brunei Darussalam [MOB] 0.0178
Bulgaria [FIX] 0.0174
Bulgaria [MOB] 0.2372
Burkina Faso [FIX] 0.1082
Burkina Faso [MOB] 0.1310
Burundi [FIX] 0.0386
Burundi [MOB] 0.0608
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Cambodia [FIX]
Cambodia [MOB] 0.0392
Cameroon [FIX] 0.0959
Cameroon [MOB] 0.1428
Canada [FIX] 0.0051
Cape Verde [FIX] 0.1214
Cape Verde [MOB] 0.1844
Cayman Islands [FIX] 0.0409
Cayman Islands [MOB] 0.0966
Central African Republic [FIX] 0.2475
Central African Republic [MOB] 0.1888
Chad [FIX] 0.1117
Chad [MOB] 0.0824
Chile [FIX] 0.0167
Chile [MOB] 0.0396
China [FIX] 0.0094
China [MOB] 0.0093
Colombia [FIX] 0.0162
Colombia [MOB] 0.0430
Comoros [FIX] 0.2173
Comoros [MOB] 0.2621
Congo [FIX] 0.1797
Congo [MOB] 0.1361
Congo Democratic Republic [FIX] 0.1466
Congo Democratic Republic [MOB] 0.1026
Congo Democratic Republic [SPC] 0.0982
Cook Islands [FIX] 0.4298
Cook Islands [MOB] 0.4302
Costa Rica [FIX] 0.0376
Costa Rica [MOB] 0.0372
Croatia [FIX] 0.0148
Croatia [MOB] 0.0827
Cuba [FIX] 0.4950
Cuba [MOB] 0.5236
Cyprus [FIX] 0.0093
Cyprus [MOB] 0.0230
Czech Republic [FIX] 0.0129
Czech Republic [MOB] 0.1141
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Denmark [FIX]
Denmark [MOB] 0.0772
Djibouti [FIX] 0.2475
Djibouti [MOB] 0.2399
Dominica [FIX] 0.0785
Dominica [MOB] 0.1532
Dominican Republic [FIX] 0.0240
Dominican Republic [MOB] 0.0669
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
East Timor [FIX]
East Timor [MOB] 0.3442
Ecuador [FIX] 0.0702
Ecuador [MOB] 0.1408
Egypt [FIX] 0.0708
Egypt [MOB] 0.0559
El Salvador [FIX] 0.0835
El Salvador [MOB] 0.0694
Equatorial Guinea [FIX] 0.1455
Equatorial Guinea [MOB] 0.1457
Eritrea [FIX] 0.1817
Eritrea [MOB] 0.1816
Estonia [FIX] 0.0127
Estonia [MOB] 0.0778
Ethiopia [FIX] 0.1620
Ethiopia [MOB] 0.1751
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Faeroes Islands [FIX]
Faeroes Islands [MOB] 0.1273
Falkland Islands [FIX] 0.3830
Falkland Islands [MOB] 0.3463
Fiji [FIX] 0.1298
Fiji [MOB] 0.1605
Finland [FIX] 0.0278
Finland [MOB] 0.0634
France [FIX] 0.0112
France [MOB] 0.0728
French Guiana [FIX] 0.0290
French Guiana [MOB] 0.1363
French Polynesia [FIX] 0.1381
French Polynesia [MOB] 0.1413
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Gabon [FIX]
Gabon [MOB] 0.1323
Gambia [FIX] 0.1793
Gambia [MOB] 0.2520
Georgia [FIX] 0.0248
Georgia [MOB] 0.0738
Germany [FIX] 0.0088
Germany [MOB] 0.0795
Ghana [FIX] 0.0460
Ghana [MOB] 0.1243
Gibraltar [FIX] 0.0304
Gibraltar [MOB] 0.1120
Greece [FIX] 0.0101
Greece [MOB] 0.0838
Greenland [FIX] 0.2581
Greenland [MOB] 0.3440
Grenada [FIX] 0.0717
Grenada [MOB] 0.1254
Guadeloupe [FIX] 0.0183
Guadeloupe [MOB] 0.1358
Guam [FIX] 0.0113
Guatemala [FIX] 0.0514
Guatemala [MOB] 0.0911
Guinea [FIX] 0.1109
Guinea [MOB] 0.1013
Guinea-Bissau [FIX] 0.2484
Guinea-Bissau [MOB] 0.2102
Guyana [FIX] 0.1687
Guyana [MOB] 0.1391
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Haiti [FIX]
Haiti [MOB] 0.1578
Honduras [FIX] 0.0435
Honduras [MOB] 0.0992
Hong Kong [FIX] 0.0080
Hong Kong [MOB] 0.0048
Hungary [FIX] 0.0096
Hungary [MOB] 0.0676
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Iceland [FIX]
Iceland [MOB] 0.0900
India [FIX] 0.0157
India [MOB] 0.0123
Indonesia [FIX] 0.0409
Indonesia [MOB] 0.0269
Iran [FIX] 0.0507
Iran [MOB] 0.0775
Iraq [FIX] 0.0301
Iraq [MOB] 0.0747
Ireland [FIX] 0.0090
Ireland [MOB] 0.0947
Israel [FIX] 0.0091
Israel [MOB] 0.0593
Italy [FIX] 0.0097
Italy [MOB] 0.1063
Ivory Coast [FIX] 0.1223
Ivory Coast [MOB] 0.1361
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Jamaica [FIX]
Jamaica [MOB] 0.1295
Japan [FIX] 0.0163
Japan [MOB] 0.0564
Jordan [FIX] 0.0147
Jordan [MOB] 0.0440
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Kazakhstan [FIX]
Kazakhstan [MOB] 0.0708
Kenya [FIX] 0.0400
Kenya [MOB] 0.0642
Kiribati [FIX] 0.3710
Kiribati [MOB] 0.3747
Kuwait [FIX] 0.0676
Kuwait [MOB] 0.0592
Kyrgyzstan [FIX] 0.0644
Kyrgyzstan [MOB] 0.0609
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Laos [FIX]
Laos [MOB] 0.0357
Latvia [FIX] 0.0199
Latvia [MOB] 0.0723
Lebanon [FIX] 0.0626
Lebanon [MOB] 0.1196
Lesotho [FIX] 0.0955
Lesotho [MOB] 0.1685
Liberia [FIX] 0.1287
Liberia [MOB] 0.1217
Libya [FIX] 0.1197
Libya [MOB] 0.1709
Liechtenstein [FIX] 0.0319
Liechtenstein [MOB] 0.1712
Lithuania [FIX] 0.0245
Lithuania [MOB] 0.0704
Luxembourg [FIX] 0.0106
Luxembourg [MOB] 0.1075
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Macao [FIX]
Macao [MOB] 0.0225
Macedonia [FIX] 0.0189
Macedonia [MOB] 0.1782
Madagascar [FIX] 0.1273
Madagascar [MOB] 0.1926
Malawi [FIX] 0.0647
Malawi [MOB] 0.0932
Malaysia [FIX] 0.0104
Malaysia [MOB] 0.0210
Maldives [FIX] 0.0766
Maldives [MOB] 0.1219
Mali [FIX] 0.1110
Mali [MOB] 0.1550
Malta [FIX] 0.0228
Malta [MOB] 0.1425
Marshall Islands [FIX] 0.1637
Marshall Islands [MOB] 0.1704
Martinique [FIX] 0.0151
Martinique [MOB] 0.1272
Mauritania [FIX] 0.1158
Mauritania [MOB] 0.1191
Mauritius [FIX] 0.0420
Mauritius [MOB] 0.0420
Mayotte [FIX] 0.0619
Mayotte [MOB] 0.1292
Mexico [FIX] 0.0148
Mexico [MOB] 0.0818
Micronesia [FIX] 0.1332
Moldova [FIX] 0.0778
Moldova [MOB] 0.1079
Monaco [FIX] 0.0165
Monaco [MOB] 0.1928
Mongolia [FIX] 0.0405
Mongolia [MOB] 0.0494
Montenegro [FIX] 0.0881
Montenegro [MOB] 0.1863
Montserrat [FIX] 0.0884
Montserrat [MOB] 0.0897
Morocco [FIX] 0.0734
Morocco [MOB] 0.1613
Mozambique [FIX] 0.0500
Mozambique [MOB] 0.0917
Myanmar [FIX] 0.2219
Myanmar [MOB] 0.2179
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Namibia [FIX]
Namibia [MOB] 0.1771
Nauru [FIX] 0.0668
Nauru [MOB] 0.2461
Nepal [FIX] 0.1228
Nepal [MOB] 0.1262
Netherlands [FIX] 0.0514
Netherlands [MOB] 0.0807
Netherlands Antilles [FIX] 0.0115
Netherlands Antilles [MOB] 0.1141
New Caledonia [FIX] 0.1290
New Caledonia [MOB] 0.1222
New Zealand [FIX] 0.0094
New Zealand [MOB] 0.1013
Nicaragua [FIX] 0.0878
Nicaragua [MOB] 0.1587
Niger [FIX] 0.1126
Niger [MOB] 0.1088
Nigeria [FIX] 0.0675
Nigeria [MOB] 0.0716
Niue [FIX] 0.3283
Norfolk Island [FIX] 0.4783
Norfolk Island [MOB] 0.5933
North Korea [FIX] 0.2660
Northern Mariana Islands [FIX] 0.0169
Northern Mariana Islands [MOB] 0.0167
Norway [FIX] 0.0096
Norway [MOB] 0.0897
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Oman [FIX]
Oman [MOB] 0.1380
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Pakistan [FIX]
Pakistan [MOB] 0.0643
Palau [FIX] 0.1529
Palau [MOB] 0.1560
Palestinian Territory [FIX] 0.0835
Palestinian Territory [MOB] 0.1405
Panama [FIX] 0.0128
Panama [MOB] 0.0831
Papua New Guinea [FIX] 0.2391
Papua New Guinea [MOB] 0.2360
Paraguay [FIX] 0.0304
Paraguay [MOB] 0.0473
Peru [FIX] 0.0139
Peru [MOB] 0.0977
Philippines [FIX] 0.0889
Philippines [MOB] 0.1078
Poland [FIX] 0.0088
Poland [MOB] 0.0507
Portugal [FIX] 0.0089
Portugal [MOB] 0.0783
Puerto Rico [FIX] 0.0082
Puerto Rico [MOB] 0.0084
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Qatar [FIX]
Qatar [MOB] 0.1323
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Reunion [FIX]
Reunion [MOB] 0.1334
Romania [FIX] 0.0152
Romania [MOB] 0.0356
Russian Federation [FIX] 0.0184
Russian Federation [MOB] 0.0323
Rwanda [FIX] 0.0809
Rwanda [MOB] 0.0729
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Samoa [FIX]
Samoa [MOB] 0.2351
San Marino [FIX] 0.0081
San Marino [MOB] 0.0224
Sao Tome and Principe [FIX] 0.4022
Sao Tome and Principe [MOB] 0.4862
Saudi Arabia [FIX] 0.0523
Saudi Arabia [MOB] 0.0999
Senegal [FIX] 0.0877
Senegal [MOB] 0.1372
Serbia and Montenegro [FIX] 0.0456
Serbia and Montenegro [MOB] 0.0758
Seychelles [FIX] 0.0462
Seychelles [MOB] 0.0477
Sierra Leone [FIX] 0.2266
Sierra Leone [MOB] 0.2535
Singapore [FIX] 0.0080
Singapore [MOB] 0.0080
Slovak Republic [FIX] 0.0130
Slovak Republic [MOB] 0.1338
Slovenia [FIX] 0.0165
Slovenia [MOB] 0.1593
Solomon Islands [FIX] 0.3825
Solomon Islands [MOB] 0.3544
Somalia [FIX] 0.3217
Somalia [MOB] 0.3219
South Africa [FIX] 0.0221
South Africa [MOB] 0.0716
South Korea [FIX] 0.0154
South Korea [MOB] 0.0263
Spain [FIX] 0.0077
Spain [MOB] 0.0725
Sri Lanka [FIX] 0.0674
Sri Lanka [MOB] 0.0785
St Helena [FIX] 0.4049
St Kitts and Nevis [FIX] 0.0835
St Kitts and Nevis [MOB] 0.1636
St Lucia [FIX] 0.0811
St Lucia [MOB] 0.1470
St Pierre and Miquelon [FIX] 0.1235
St Pierre and Miquelon [MOB] 0.1285
St Vincent and the Grenadines [FIX] 0.0759
St Vincent and the Grenadines [MOB] 0.1464
Sudan [FIX] 0.0821
Sudan [MOB] 0.0899
Suriname [FIX] 0.1270
Suriname [MOB] 0.1310
Swaziland [FIX] 0.0377
Swaziland [MOB] 0.1381
Sweden [FIX] 0.0077
Sweden [MOB] 0.0490
Switzerland [FIX] 0.0091
Switzerland [MOB] 0.1342
Syrian Arab Republic [FIX] 0.0926
Syrian Arab Republic [MOB] 0.1182
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Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Taiwan [FIX]
Taiwan [MOB] 0.0447
Tajikistan [FIX] 0.0617
Tajikistan [MOB] 0.0586
Tanzania [FIX] 0.0719
Tanzania [MOB] 0.0706
Thailand [FIX] 0.0080
Thailand [MOB] 0.0080
Thuraya [FIX] 0.6775
Togo [FIX] 0.2284
Togo [MOB] 0.2281
Tonga [FIX] 0.2035
Tonga [MOB] 0.1391
Trinidad and Tobago [FIX] 0.0261
Trinidad and Tobago [MOB] 0.0609
Tristan da Cunha [FIX] 0.1270
Tunisia [FIX] 0.1107
Tunisia [MOB] 0.2420
Turkey [FIX] 0.0151
Turkey [MOB] 0.0511
Turkmenistan [FIX] 0.0738
Turkmenistan [MOB] 0.0747
Turks and Caicos [FIX] 0.0783
Turks and Caicos [MOB] 0.1335
Tuvalu [FIX] 0.2445
U       A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Uganda [FIX]
Uganda [MOB] 0.0092
Ukraine [FIX] 0.0794
Ukraine [MOB] 0.0745
United Arab Emirates [FIX] 0.0628
United Arab Emirates [MOB] 0.0746
United Kingdom [FIX] 0.1233
United Kingdom [MOB] 0.1061
United States [FIX] 0.0064
Uruguay [FIX] 0.0788
Uruguay [MOB] 0.0068
US Virgin Islands [FIX] 0.0370
US Virgin Islands [MOB] 0.1304
Uzbekistan [FIX] 0.0153
Uzbekistan [MOB] 0.0485
V       A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Vanuatu [FIX]
Vanuatu [MOB] 0.3158
Venezuela [FIX] 0.0143
Venezuela [MOB] 0.0606
Viet Nam [FIX] 0.0319
Viet Nam [MOB] 0.0389
W       A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Wallis and Futuna [FIX]
Y       A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Yemen [FIX]
Yemen [MOB] 0.1082
A      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Destination Rate (Euro/min,billed by second)
Zambia [FIX]
Zambia [MOB] 0.0921
Zimbabwe [FIX] 0.0616
Zimbabwe [MOB] 0.2151




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